z (3e) wrote,

im thinking one of these errors is fake...

1 Windows loading, come back tomorrow
2 Windows loaded. System in danger.
3 Windows not found: (C)heer (P)arty (D)ance
4 Out of disk space. Delete Windows? (Y)es (H)ell yes!
5 No error... ...yet.
6 Multitasking attempted. System confused.
7 Unexplained error.
8 Reserved for future mistakes
9 Nonexistent error. This cannot really be happening.
10 Unable to exit windows. Try the door.
11 Door locked. Try control-alt-delete
12 Keyboard locked. Try anything you can think of.
13 Mouse not found. Press mouse button to continue.
14 Game Over. Exiting Windows.
15 Insufficient money spent in hardware.
16 Too many disks in drive.

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